Office Decor Club-The Best Office Decorations of 2022-Wood World Map

November 22, 2022

Office design and functionality will be an important aspect of your company’s branding. Many of these trends will be driven by a return to a more comfortable, inviting, safe, and home-like workplace by 2022. By incorporating some of these trends, your workplace becomes more attractive to new hires, welcoming to returning employees and comforting to those who have been in the field for years. Everything in the office should be organized so that your employees feel at ease and at home.

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AWESOMETIK” 3D Wood World Map Wall Art Decor

Superb 3D Wall Decor with Wood Map of the World

The Awesometik wall art decor provides endless creative opportunities, being a perfect choice for your kitchen, bedroom or office walls, as well as a nice way of keeping track of your travels! Made with high attention to details, from durable birch plywood, with high-precision cuts and realistic shapes, this world map wall decor will brighten up any room, being easy to hang without requiring complicated tools or skills. The included double sided tape makes it easy and fun to set up, while leaving no residue or damaging your delicate walls!

Still not convinced? Here are some of the amazing features of this product:

  • Available in 4 colors, 3 sizes and 3 map options;
  • Includes add-ons: ocean names, wooden airplanes, boats and compass;
  • Thoughtful present for friends, loved ones, colleagues;
  • Elegant box packaging;
  • 3D designed map of the world;
  • Material: birch plywood;
  • Ideal as photo backdrop, educational tool for kids, marking places you traveled;
  • Improve your geography skills.

You’ll fall in love instantly with this gorgeous world map wall decor!

The Map of World Canvas Wall Art Office Word Map Wall Decor


Did you know that it’s really easy to set-up our map of world?

The wood world map is attached with special double-sided sticky tape, which comes in the package. And on top of that, installation can also be a fun family bonding activity! You’ll need around 2-3 hours for assembly.

If at some point you decide to move to another apartment or change the decor of the room or just move the map to another place, you can easily do it! Don’t worry, removing the map from the wall is just as easy as installing it. The map easily moves away from the wall if you direct a stream of warm air at it with a hair dryer.

iKNOW FOTO 5 Pieces Vintage World Map Canvas Prints Push Pin Map Wall Art Decor

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